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Case Worker

Full Time • Coldspring, TX

General Purpose:  Responsible for case management of Head Start and Early Head Start families, encouraging parent involvement in all areas of the Head Start program, and assuring Head Start services are provided to children and families on caseload according to the Head Start Performance Standards. Also responsible for assisting in the development and the implementation of the Health Service Area for the Head Start and Early Head Start programs, according to the Head Start Performance Standards

Qualifications and Requirements: Minimum of High School Diploma. Human Service, Community Health, and/or Health Education related field (optional).  Applicant must have organizational, communication, and community health skills. Applicant must be able to work with minimal supervision.  This position will require a valid driver’s license to conduct home visits, parent meetings, and recruitment /enrollment activities.  Please attach copy of transcript/credentials.

Salary Range: $ 21,400 to $30,500 per year

Prior to starting employment, a criminal background check must be completed as well as a pre-employment medical evaluation as set forth in the State of Texas Child Care Center licensing regulations.

Essential Duties:

  • Actively recruits Head Start and Early Head Start children and families throughout the year.
  • Represents GETCAP at community events to recruit children and families.
  • Completes the enrollment and re-enrollment process with eligible families throughout the year as assigned.
  • Follows up on necessary enrollment information.
  • Contacts family by phone or home visit when absences occur, and classroom teacher is unable to reach family and emphasize the benefits of regular attendance.  Conducts staffing as needed when problems arise concerning child’s attendance.
  • Responsible for administering and implementing the Family Partnership Agreement with each family by gathering information, providing information, making referrals, following up and assisting families with short and long-term goals.
  • Gains an understanding of the social and economic family background and applies knowledge to meet individual family needs.
  • Follows up on referrals concerning health, nutrition, mental health, disabilities, and any other referrals as appropriate for children and families.
  • Follows up to ensure that families received services requested through referral agencies.
  • Assists with contacting families to remind them of future appointments by memorandum and/or telephone and in arranging transportation to appointments as needed. May accompany family to appointment if needed.
  • Maintains monthly contact with each family on caseload.  Responsible for the maintenance, documentation and follow-up of entire folders of children on their caseload and utilizes the checklist on the front of each file to make sure all required documents are in these files.
  • Provides information on services and activities provided and available in the community to the families.
  • Identifies signs of crisis, links families to appropriate services, and supports families during crisis periods without creating dependence.
  • Reminds parents and encourages participation in Parent Committee, Policy Council, Special committees (Education Advisory, Health/Social Services Advisory, Nutrition Advisory, Self-Assessment, etc.)
  • Assists and support family during EHS and kindergarten transition activities such as registration and parent information sessions.
  • Assists with parent training as well as special interest training/workshops, and support groups as requested.
  • Assists with Parent Orientation and Parent Committee Meetings.
  • Promotes parent participation in training, committee meetings, and special events.
  • Assists in assigned classrooms with children on their caseload as necessary to build rapport with the children, families, and team members.  Provides classroom support as requested by supervisor.
  • Maintains complete and accurate health records on all children in the Head Start and Early Head Start programs.
  • Determines whether or not each child has an ongoing source of continuous, accessible health care within 90 calendar days of program entry. 
  • Assists parents in accessing a source of health care.
  • Assists parents in making arrangements to bring children up-to-date on an age appropriate well childcare schedule.
  • Tracks child immunization and well child schedule via database and ensures that reminders are sent to parents monthly about missed or upcoming appointments.
  • Develops and implements a follow-up plan for any identified conditions.
  • Coordinates any screenings.
  • Assists parents in creating and implementing a follow-up plan for necessary dental treatments.
  • Assists with the provision of health-related services for health concerns in accordance with the IEP and Family Services Plan.
  • Maintains ongoing collaborative relationships with community health providers and organizations.
  • Involves parents in all decisions regarding their child’s health care.
  • Coordinates follow-up on referrals from other service agencies and physicians.
  • Educates parents on the reasons for health-related procedures/ screenings and familiarize them with the types of questions to ask health care providers.
  • Educates parents on how to familiarize children in a developmentally appropriate way about health procedures.
  • Coordinates delivery of Health Trainings.
  • Encourages parents to be an active part of their children’s health care:
  • Promotes preventive health care for all family members
  • Introduces parents to existing resources
  • Encourages parents to take children to health care appointments.
  • Stresses the importance of keeping up-to-date health records in a safe place
  • Obtains written documentation from parent or legally responsible adult when refusing to give authorization for health services and make referrals when necessary to child protective services.
  • Keeps abreast of changes in the field of child health affecting the program and makes recommendations to the Health Specialist.
  • Works with parents and classroom staff to identify reasonable accommodations for a child with long or short-term health care needs/ medication requirements.
  • Ensures that parents or health care providers provide thorough instructions on how best to care for children with specific health care needs/ medication requirements.
  • Assists in planning and facilitating the Health and Social Services Advisory Committee meetings.
  • Responsible for heights and weights for all enrolled children periodically during the school year.
  • Ensures the transfer of necessary health records to kindergarten when requested.
  • Monitors recording medications dispensed and reporting special circumstances to parents, such as spills, refusals, reactions.
  • Ensures that staff members can demonstrate proper techniques for administering, handling and storing medication.
  • Inventories and refills First Aid kits, personal protective equipment, and other health related supplies at all sites.
  • Conducts Bloodborne Pathogens training as part of staff orientation and annually for all staff.
  • Completes appropriate health referrals and assist parents with the follow-up services concerning 45-day screenings and 90 day requirements.
  •  Ensures that all necessary health documentation and determinations are completed within 90 days of entry into the program for children on caseload.
  • Implements follow-up health care plans and health screenings for children on caseload.
  • Educates families on the importance of health and developmental screenings and encourages them to take an active role in their child’s health care.
  • Maintains and updates health records on all children on caseload.

Work Environment:

The Caseworker performs work inside and outside in a variety of settings to include:  school building, office, parent home, and community environments with other Head Start employees, parents and children.  The setting requires verbal and face-to-face contact with the community, parents, children and other staff members.  The Caseworker performs most work during weekday hours.

Physical Requirements:

  • Requires assisting in the evacuation of children from a building.
  • Occasional bending, stooping, or lifting up to 50 lbs. is required
  • Ability to climb stairs
  • Ability to travel between 5 buildings or more and visit various residences/ family homes in assigned areas of the county.
  • Regular repetitive motion with hands, computer keyboarding, phone, filing.
  • Regular sitting, working at computer keyboard and desk, standing to file misc. documents in filing cabinet.

Mental / Reasoning Requirements:

  • Requires intermediate reading and writing skills
  • Ability to complete forms accurately
  • Ability to follow written and verbal instructions

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